Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday Saturday

Dear Diary,
Here's one of the best kept secrets on how to frugally entertain yourself on a Saturday night.
Most libraries have a ginormous selection of dvd's you can borrow. And the best part is they're free. While you might not be able to get the newest releases right when they come out, who really cares. If it's a movie you haven't seen before then it's a NEW MOVIE, Right????
Well off to watch one of those totally free movies.
Good Night

Friday, February 27, 2009

Frugal Friday

Dear Diary,
Today I went to the gym. Now you might say how can going to the gym be frugal when it costs money to go the gym. You're right it does cost money and if you're not using it then why do you have a gym membership. I can honestly say I get my money's worth at the gym since I spend so much time there so for me it is worth every penny I spend. And it's something I would not readily give up.
But to get to the point, perhaps somewhere, somehow you are spending money on something you are not using. And if that is the case then why are you spending money on something you are not using??? Just have a good look at what you are spending money on, and if you really enjoy what you are spending money on. If not spend that hard earned money elsewhere; in a place where you will truly enjoy your earnings.
On another note, while walking home from the gym today I lucked out and found a twenty dollar bill. Walking is not only good for you but sometimes you do find things while walking. While I admit I don't always find twenty dollar bills, I do regularly find coins or beer bottles/cans which ultimately = money. And walking is a very frugal way to exercise...
Good Night

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Beginner Blogger

Dear Diary,
I am so excited. This is new to me. I am now a blogger on this 26th day of February 2009. Always wanted to be a blogger but had no idea how to set this up until dh helped me. By the way, dh stands for darling husband.
Since my title is Always Frugal; just have to tell you about my first frugal day as a blogger but of course I've had many frugal days before.
Walked to Metro and bought (2) Oasis juice on sale for $2.99 but of course I had $1 off coupons for both; also bought MCain oven roasts for $2.29 with .50 coupon and had to buy strawberries cause they were selling for $1.77. In the end I got the Oasis juices for $1.99 each; what a great deal!
And on the walk home I picked up 3 beer cans and 1 beer bottle.
Can't get better than that.

goodnight frugaldebb