Sunday, January 31, 2010

I'm on a Mission to get things done...

Dear Diary,
I'm on a Mission so God help me and all those I live with.
On Saturday January 30, 2010 after I participated in a walk to
support Haiti "A Penny for your thoughts, a Quarter for the Cause" was
born. (It may have happened after a few glasses of wine but that's beside the point)
I'm a Hamiltonian supporting Gord Pauls of the Runners Den, on his
Quest to complete a Triple Ironman for Haiti.
My Mission: I will provide a link to your website on my blog and/or
will blog about your business/service or even a blog you provide in
return for a tiny contribution of 26 cents. (hence a penny for your
thoughts a quarter for the cause)
To raise 37000 cents/$370.00 to sponsor 1 km of Gord Pauls Triple
Ironman in support of micro-credit in Haiti Please see
Why contribute/advertise?
ALL monies raised (regardless if my goal has been met/not met or
exceeded) will go directly to Gord Pauls to support micro-credit in
An opportunity to have your website viewed by many more Internet users
locally, across Canada & world-wide.
An opportunity to have a short write-up about your
business/service/blog/ whatever on my blog.
All contributions will be accepted even those not requesting links.
Links, provided they remain active, will be posted on my blog until
the end of the year 2010 and potentially could remain longer.
I reserve the right to refuse to blog about/post links which are
deemed offensive, vulgar, obscene, contain adult content,
inappropriate language, copyrighted material etc.
Links which are found to contain the above mentioned content will be
removed and you may or may not be contacted at my discretion.
Links will be posted according to the highest paying contributors and
I will do my best to get them up as soon as I receive your information
and payment.
How you can contribute:
1 via regular mail or you can drop off in person (email me for my
mailing address)
2 personal checks from within Canada or a Canadian money order
3 via PayPal (Personal Direct Transfers only) (to avoid any added
charges) (email me for PayPal address)
How Can You Be Assured your contributions are going to this cause?
You'll just have to trust me on that one!
But I intend to present Gord Pauls personally with a check containing
every cent that has been contributed. And I will have a photo taken of
this event and posted on my blog as soon as this happens
P.S. And I'm only requesting 26 cents cause I am Almost Always Frugal after all.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Help I Need Somebody

Dear Diary, I need some help and I hope you can help me.

Did a walk today to raise funds for Haiti and I'm all pumped to raise more funds.

The individuals who organized the walk/run have been involved with raising funds for Haiti for several years now and have been to Haiti themselves to help Haitians. ( I know them personally)
Here's a link that I want to promote on my frugal blog: ( Gord Pauls is doing a triple Ironman in support of Haiti)
My plan is to raise only $370 to sponsor 1km of his route. His total route is 678km.

I have some ideas and I'm thinking of posting links to websites/blogs on my blog for a donation of 26 cents; A Penny for your thoughts and a Quarter for the Cause. ( You can send me your thoughts/links as long as they're decent and legit and I'll post them for the cost of 26 cents.) ( and to be honest I'm not even sure how I can collect 26 cents ... really need some help with this one )
Any ideas/thoughts are greatly appreciated cause I'm so green when it comes to fund raising.
Really appreciate any help you can give.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

2010 Winnings

Dear Diary,
I think I told you before that I like to enter contests. As a matter of fact contesting has become a new addiction of mine (to add to my exercise addiction and chocolate addiction and wine addiction LOL) Well so far in 2010 my contesting addiction has been paying off in some small ways. No really big wins mind you but some small ones. Here's my list of winnings for the month of January: $100 from Your Night on the Town, a Heart Truth Signature Scarf, 2 591 ml bottles of a Coca-Cola product, 1000 i-coke coins, a FPC (free product coupon) for Vaseline Sheer Infusion, a Frommer's Vancouver Travel Guide and 2 Dempsters Tortilla Warmers (shown at right) which showed up by surprise at my door. Oh and ds aka darling son won a $50 loaded credit card from a Fruit Loops contest.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Living Well Zantac Trial Offer

Dear Diary,
Living Well is doing it again; that is offering a free trial sample of a product. And this time it's Zantac which is a medication for preventing & relieving heartburn. But if you never have heartburn you're probably not interested in this offer. But I just had to tell you anyway. Even if you never get heartburn, you never know when it might happen. By the way if you want to try this stuff for free, you better hurry or deal with your heartburn on your own.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Metro & Sunlight Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Dear Diary,
If i were you I would head out to Metro this week and purchase some of their Sunlight laundry detergent, but that's just me. They were selling their Sunlight detergent as buy 1 get 1 free; not sure of all the types that were available cause I was just interested in the Sunlight Green Clean stuff. Anyhow with this sale, this stuff was selling at a great price but if you happen to have coupons for this stuff of course that makes it even better. Of course I had coupons; one for $2 off and several more for $1.50 off. Planning on going back and getting more to stock up. And by the way they had many more deals at the buy 1 get 1 free price, if you're interested.

Oh by the way forgot to mention that on some of the bottles there is a try me free sticky thing attached so basically you can send away to get your money back on the purchase of 1 bottle!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ikea Shopping & Baggie Drying Rack

Dear Diary,
Went to Ikea yesterday cause I just had to use my $20 coupon that I got when we bought our Christmas tree in December. I know I know I had to spend $75 at Ikea in order to get my $20 back that I spent on my Christmas tree, but there are always things I need at Ikea especially this time of year. And the stuff I bought is all useful stuff; like a new curtain for our new patio door (which is coming soon) to replace the blinds which have hung on the old door for 20 plus years, so time for a change ; 1 pack of plastic clothespins, one can never have enough clothespins; 2 packs of halogen light bulbs for an Ikea fixture, 1 garlic press cause we broke ours just before Christmas and by the way we eat lots of garlic,keeps the vampires away you know; 1 cheese grater cause 17 year old teenage ds is stocking up on supplies for when he moves out lol and 1 Octopus drying rack which I simply love and might consider buying more.
So in total before taxes I spent $77.69 (needed to spend $75 to get the $20 back) and basically got our Christmas tree for free and got lots of useful stuff.
Anyhow going back to my drying rack; it was on sale for $3.99 and when I bought it I was considering using it outdoors on my clothesline to hang small laundry items. But when I came home I realized I could use it to hang dry my baggies indoors as well. I've always had a problem with how to dry my never ending baggie supply and now I resolved it ; gotta love it! Might just go back to Ikea and get another. ( I know you can probably get these cheaper at a dollar store but I'm in love with my Octopus one and bottom line is if I like it I'm probably gonna use it. But I'm sure you get the drift. By the way they had green ones as well as the blue ones.
P.S And no I didn't make it to Old Navy this weekend but to be honest I really didn't need anything; got my upcoming birthday gifts covered thanks to winnings & gift card wins and Boxing Week sales.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Free Kashi Cereal Sample

Dear Diary,
Have you ever tried Kashi Cereal; well if you haven't or even if you have here's your chance to try a sample for free. There are 2 kinds to choose from.


Old Navy Sale 50 % Off Clearance

Dear Diary,
Did ya know that Old Navy is having a big sale and it starts today. Make sure you get there soon for the best selection. And by the way go here first to print off some coupons for some added savings. The coupons can be used even on clearance merchandise but they can be tricky to find; you may have to jump some hoops to get them lol! No really getting the coupons is all about clicking on things or moving things around.
Kind of sad that I'm not at Old Navy right now but maybe later if I convince dh to take me, yeah right!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Free Clorox Greenworks Sample

Dear Diary,
Do you like to clean? Well if you do I've got an offer you just can't refuse. It's for a free sample of a Clorox Greenworks product and you get to pick which one you want.
And a good thing about these products is that they're better for the environment. Why not give it a try!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Kelseys Free Chicken Wings

Dear Diary,
Just wondering if you like chicken wings. Well if you, do to celebrate 30 years of wings, Kelseys is offering free wings on January 21 after 4 p.m. Limit of 1 pound or 8 wings per person. Sounds like a free meal to me. Oh by the way this offer is for dine-in only at Canadian locations.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Free Olympic Journal

Dear Diary,
Not much time to talk but just had to share this with you. Reserve a free Vancouver Olympic Journal while they last, and by the way this is not just a Canadian offer.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Brandsaver tomorrow January 6 2010

Dear Diary,
The last time we talked, I told you about all the wonderful coupons I used this past year. Well just totaled my coupon use up and in fact I used $1382.74 worth of coupons in 2009 and just so you now many of those coupons I used provided me with free stuff or nearly free stuff. You see I don't use coupons at any given time; generally speaking, I save them and combine them with a good sale for better value. And I don't use coupons for stuff I can't use or give away to someone I know has a use for a specific product. Some may argue that the coupons that are out there, are generally for more expensive name brands and that there are better deals to be had by purchasing store brand or no name or cheaper brand name products. While I do tend to agree, I often have purchased brand name products for less than no name or store brand simply by combining coupons with sales. And I do this on a regular basis; just ask my dh. I do have to admit though that sourcing out great sales and combining my coupons takes a bit of work and some people can't be bothered with this. Oh well it's there loss and not mine.
Speaking of coupons Brandsaver will be offering a bunch of them tomorrow. Better get em while they last.